SAP Fiori

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SAP Fiori– lightweight and quick to implement applications, allowing to provide the functionality of SAP transactions most commonly used on mobile and stationary devices through the web browser. With SAP Fiori, it is possible to gain access to SAP systems by means of a very intuitive and ergonomic interface as an alternative to SAP GUI.

SAP Mobile Platform (a combination of among others;SUP – Sybase Unwired Platform and Syclo Agentry solutions) – a mobile platform supporting the creation and launching of advanced mobile applications. With the platform, it is easier to manage the application and the solution security as well as to develop solutions working offline.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway – a technology allowing to develop the interfaces based on OData protocol, connecting the mobile applications with backend systems (ERP, CRM, SRM).

Security – a secure platform for the management of mobile devices (Mobile Device Management – MDM). It allows among others; to manage the security policy, block access to selected functions of a device, remotely switch off and reset the device and also delete the data, e.g. in case of a theft.

SAP Mobiliser– a technology used in B2C scenarios (e.g. mCommerce), operating on the basis of SMS messages. SAP NetWeaver Mobile Infrastructure (SAP MI)– one of the first SAP mobile technologies. We support the running SAP MI solutions and conduct project in the scope of SAP MI migration to new SAP mobile solutions.

We create new mobile applications as well as implement and adapt new out-of-the-box SAP applications, operating on smartphones, tablets and laptops, including among others:

Native Applications– for the most popular mobile platforms: Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

HTML Applications– lightweight applications developed on the basis of technologies, libraries and web frameworks (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, SAPUI5), also operating on different devices Hybrid Applications– combining the advantages of native applications (access to the system and equipment tools – GPS, camera, file system etc.) and HTML applications (support for most devices, similar layout and operation regardless of the device).


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